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Certificate ISO 9001:2008
Certificate ISO 9001:2008

As a result of intensive work of the entire team, our organization went through a certification audit in the last days of March 2017 with a success and was awarded with a Quality System Certificate in designing, production, sale and assembly of composite products, including, non-pressurized storage tanks, platform gratings and sealed coverings.

ISO certificate awarded by TÜV Austria.

As our work was assessed positively, we were awarded with ISO 9001:2008 certificate that is valid until 2018. We received the certificate with satisfaction and also with the calmness of a long-distance runner, who knows where and why he is going.

ISO 9001 is a standard accepted and recognized worldwide. Working in ISO system, we put an emphasis on improvement of internal processes that contribute to better quality of products and services, focus on our customers, self-improvement and cooperation with suppliers.

We know the quality of our products and high standards. ISO certificate confirms our confidence and consistence in creating a modern enterprise that manufactures best quality glass-reinforced plastic products. We hope that this will make it possible for us to meet your demands in even better way.

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