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About the company

We have the honour to welcome you and present activities of TROKOTEX Polymer Group.

Trokotex Polymer Group Sp. z o.o. is a company with traditions and Polish capital. Our products have been used by sewage treatment plants, power plants, CHPs or foodstuffs industry for over 30 years.

Our polyester and glass laminate products include storage tanks, grates, coverings or rebars used in various sectors.

We have put much work, effort and heart for all these years in order to become a confident and stable partner. We have struggled in order to meet demands of the dynamically developing market economy and sacrificed a lot in order to weather the storm. Now we can say that it was worth it. The proof is trust and satisfaction of our customers such as KGHM, Orlen SA, Ciech SA, Rafako SA or PGNiG SA.

For you as our Customers we still develop and are ready to face new challenges, launching our new products. For you we acquire EU funds in order to develop our company and innovative products and it is thanks to You that we are have been awarded with prestigious distinctions such as Gazele Biznesu, Polski Sukces, Ekspansja or an award of the Chief Technical Organization or a Leader of New Technologies.