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Bulk material vertical storage tanks

BULK series storage tanks belong to a group of silos made of GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic), which are intended for storage of both bulk and liquid foodstuffs and agricultural products. As compared to steel silos, laminate silos show a lot more advantages. They are characterized by greater durability of plastic, better insulation, thus eliminating the problem of water vapour condensation, which limits the risk of mould in cereals, feed mixtures and other materials. Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) also eliminates problems with sticking of stored bulk materials to the tank walls, thus reducing frequent cleaning.

The tanks intended for storage of bulk materials are delivered with an internal anti-abrasive lining for increased resistance of the internal wall to abrasion. The tank is additionally protected against accumulation of electrostatic charges by specialist films dissipating charges.

ZVs type vertical silos made of polyester and glass laminate are characterized by their strong and light structure, which facilitates transport and installation considerably. Cylindrical tanks enable complete gravitational emptying of materials stored.

Main materials stored include:


  • granulate,
  • flour,
  • meal,
  • cereals,
  • salt,
  • lime,
  • and other.

We suggest additional equipment with the following configuration for bulk material tanks:


  • a filler pipe made of AR steel with a fire hose quick coupling,
  • a manhole,
  • additional connectors in accordance with an investor’s guidelines,
  • a caged ladder,
  • a service platform,
  • horizontal level gauge,
  • and other.

As every tank is delivered as tailored, distribution and size of connections (basic stub pipes and nozzles, manholes, thread connections) can be agreed and will not affect the price of a finished tank.

Characteristics of tanks:

  • Each product is subject to detailed tests performed in a company test laboratory.
  • Resistance of chemical substances and mechanical strength of our products is confirmed by test laboratories accredited by the Technical Supervision Office.
  • For every tank a passport is issued including, among others, the following data: technical data, technical drawings, certificates, results of laboratory tests, a protocol of acceptance by UDT and KJ.
  • In order to facilitate design works, complete drawings of our products may be sent in *.dwg formats.
  • The company renders counselling and training services at a customer’s premises with respect to use of our products.