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Horizontal caustic and toxic liquid storage tanks

A lot of plants use caustic and hazardous substances in their production processes or caustic and hazardous substances may constitute waste. Large enterprises have to be equipped with appropriate tanks with increased technical parameters and suitable for storage of caustic substances. CAUSTIC/TOXIC series horizontal tanks manufactured by TROKOTEX are an ideal solution in this case. They are made of polyester laminate resistant to almost every chemical substance, including concentrated substances and substances stored at increased temperatures.

Plastic tanks are most often used for continuous contact with such media as:
water treatment coagulates (e.g. PIX, PAX, ALF)
acids (e.g. hydrochloric and sulphuric acid)
lye (e.g. caustic soda)

ZH type horizontal tanks are delivered with two integrated supports or with a single integrated continuous support made of GRP.

A tank can be of any length, which is restricted only to due transportation.

Apart from standard equipment recommended for tanks used for storage of caustic/toxic substances in order to ensure safe operation, we also recommend the following options:


  • a safety tub
  • liquid level gauges
  • breathing valves
  • leakage sensors
  • GRP/AR steel ladders (internal and external)
  • service platforms (enabling maintenance and operation of the equipment)
  • Camlock couplings

ZH type horizontal tanks for such substances as PIX, PAX, PAC and ALF also use storage stations for coagulate dosing. Such stations are used for dosing of various types of chemical substances. The sets are most often used in sewage and water treatment plants.

Generally, a dosing station includes:
- (ZH or ZHc type) horizontal storage tank with a (WB type) safety tub and dosing pump with control system.

As every tank is delivered as tailored, distribution and size of connections (basic stub pipes and nozzles, manholes, thread connections) can be agreed and will not affect the price of a finished tank.

Characteristics of tanks:

  • Each product is subject to detailed tests performed in a company test laboratory.
  • Resistance of chemical substances and mechanical strength of our products is confirmed by test laboratories accredited by the Technical Supervision Office.
  • For every tank a passport is issued including, among others, the following data: technical data, technical drawings, certificates, results of laboratory tests, a protocol of acceptance by UDT and KJ.
  • In order to facilitate design works, complete drawings of our products may be sent in *.dwg formats.
  • The company renders counselling and training services at a customer’s premises with respect to use of our products.