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Caustic, toxic and harmful liquid storage tanks

CAUSTIC/TOXIC series vertical tanks are intended for storage of chemical substances and perfect for most difficult conditions in all sectors, including sewage treatment plants. Due to diversity of chemical mixtures and different operating conditions, we select materials suitable for all specified operating conditions of a machine. Owing to our cooperation with best manufacturers of resins, we are able to verify resistance of a laminate to any chemical mixtures provided by a user.

The use of resins with increased chemical resistance and glass fibre ensures resistance of tanks to most aggressive chemical substances such as polyelectrolytes, alkalis, acids, alcohols, salts, powder lime, coagulates (PIX, PAX) or formation water.

ZV type vertical cylindrical tanks are composed of a tank cylinder and two tank ends. Tank ends may be delivered as ellipsoidal, flat or conical, depending on an investor’s demands. Tank ends and jackets of cylindrical tanks are laminated with the use of a contact method on rotating cores and matrix moulds and, then, assembled, including manholes and stub pipes and nozzles to create a monolithic whole.

Vertical tanks are delivered in the sequence of internal diameters of 800 mm, 1200 mm, 1600 mm, 2000 mm, 2400 mm, 2800 mm, 3200 mm and greater as standard. A tank can be of any length, which is restricted only to due transportation.

For tanks intended for storage of caustic or toxic substances we offer double jacket tanks with a tight passage through the tank jacket. We also deliver capture tubs in place of double jacket tanks in all places, where it is economically or technically reasonable. In special cases, we may assemble a tank at a customer’s premises, if it is not possible to deliver the tank as a whole.

Every vertical tanks for storage of CAUSTIC liquids is equipped with the following elements as standard:


  • a filler nozzle,
  • a stub pipe,
  • a vent nozzle,
  • a manhole,
  • transport handles,
  • internal chemically resistant lining.

TROKOTEX vertical tanks for storage of toxic, caustic and harmful substances are complete with licence documentation approved by the Technical Supervision Office, being necessary documentation required for operation of such types of equipment.

Characteristics of tanks:

  • Each product is subject to detailed tests performed in a company test laboratory.
  • Resistance of chemical substances and mechanical strength of our products is confirmed by test laboratories accredited by the Technical Supervision Office.
  • For every tank a passport is issued including, among others, the following data: technical data, technical drawings, certificates, results of laboratory tests, a protocol of acceptance by UDT and KJ.
  • In order to facilitate design works, complete drawings of our products may be sent in *.dwg formats.
  • The company renders counselling and training services at a customer’s premises with respect to use of our products.