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Horizontal firefighting foam concentrate storage tanks

In contemporary fire protection, firefighting foams are media required for fighting of fires of crude oil fuel and other flammable liquids and for protection of storage facilities with flammable liquids. For the above-mentioned applications, the following firefighting foam concentrates are suitable: fluoroprotein firefighting foams (FP), flouroprotein firefighting foams that create an aqueous film and synthetic firefighting foams creating an aqueous film (AFFF).

ZH type horizontal cylindrical tanks with two transverse supports or a single continuous support are used as tanks for storage and dosing of firefighting foam concentrates to water firefighting systems. The tanks are mostly used on ships and are manufactured with the use of a special flame retardant resin certified by Lloyd’s Register. Such types of tanks with supports simplify installation owing to its economic structure and save costs. Eliminating steel supports, we enable easy installation of a tank on foundations and ensure considerable reduction of costs.

Horizontal tanks can be additionally equipped with a safety tub that protects a medium against leaking.