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Vertical firefighting foam concentrate storage tanks

Firefighting foam concentrates are water and alcohol concentrates of synthetic solutions of surfactants, hydrotropic substances, corrosion inhibitors and foam stabilizers. These are most often homogenous liquids without any deposits and with a typical smell. They are intended for generation of heavy and medium and, most rarely, light firefighting foam.

In case of storage of large quantities of firefighting foam concentrate, ZV type vertical polyester and glass laminate tanks can be used. Such types of tanks are characterised by their unique structure, combining structural strength and high chemical resistance.

Firefighting foam concentrate storage tanks can be made of special flame retardant resin certified by Lloyd’s Registration and used for production of boats.

The quality of tanks manufactured is guaranteed by ISO 9001 confirmed by a certificate issued by TUV Austria.

Apart from standard equipment, for the above-mentioned configurations we recommend the following options in firefighting foam concentrate storage tanks:

  •     PUR foam insulation
  •     liquid level gauges
  •     GRP/AR steel ladders (internal and external)
  •     service platforms (enabling maintenance and operation of the equipment)
  •     fire hose couplings.