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Underground industrial sewage storage tanks

Municipal sewage storage tanks manufactured by Trokotex are mostly used in City or Commune Services Departments.

The most often offered configuration of a tank for the above-mentioned medium is an underground cylindrical tank (ZP type).

Professional workmanship and additionally reinforced structure of our products guarantees safe storage of municipal sewage and eliminates risks connected with storage of the same in tanks made of other materials, e.g. highly corrosive concrete or steel.

The tanks are manufactured with the use of polyester resins and Vinylester, which comply with all structural requirements. The tanks are chemically resistant (to aggressive environment, chemical substances stored) and are 100 % tight.

The tanks are manufactured in accordance with our own documentation or documentation provided by customers. Our underground tanks can be installed on foundations, hardened sand and concrete bed or a mound, depending on soil and water conditions.

The pitting depth is 1000 mm. A tank can be buried at other depth as agreed with the manufacturer.

Characteristics of tanks:


  • Each product is subject to detailed tests performed in a company test laboratory.
  • Resistance of chemical substances and mechanical strength of our products is confirmed by test laboratories accredited by the Technical Supervision Office.
  • For every tank a passport is issued including, among others, the following data: technical data, technical drawings, certificates, results of laboratory tests, a protocol of acceptance by UDT and KJ.
  • In order to facilitate design works, complete drawings of our products may be sent in *.dwg formats.
  • The company renders counselling and training services at a customer’s premises with respect to use of our products.