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Vertical non-aggressive chemical substance storage tanks

Tanks intended for storage of non-aggressive materials are made of GRP and are characterised by appropriate physical and chemical properties of materials used. The correct selection of materials allows for long-time operation of the equipment.

Main materials to be stored include:

  • aqueous solutions,
  • paints,
  • suspensions,
  • glycols, brines,
  • vegetable oils, mineral oils,
  • AdBlue,
  • and other.

ZV type vertical tanks are suitable for storage of household and industrial liquids. Vertical tanks are widely used in industry for storage of liquids in any capacities.

Our company manufactures vertical cylindrical tanks with conical bottoms on an extended jacket or steel stand as well as tanks with flat bottoms. Vertical tanks can also be used in other configurations such as:

- installed on plastic legs and
- as double jacket vertical tanks.

An important advantage of vertical polyester and glass laminate tanks (GRP, GFK) is that they can be repaired quickly and are resistant to weather conditions.
The technology based on most state-of-the-art achievements in the world guarantees:


  • high corrosion resistance
  • chemically neutral material for water stored
  • high mechanical strength
  • light structure
  • resistance to UV
  • no maintenance costs.

The capacity of vertical tanks manufactured ranges between 1 to 200 cubic meters. We deliver tanks in accordance with standard designs or tailored.

The main advantage of vertical tanks is that they save space occupied, which ensures unhindered installation of capacity equipment on a relatively small plot.

As every tank is delivered as tailored, distribution and size of connections (basic stub pipes and nozzles, manholes, thread connections) can be agreed and will not affect the price of a finished tank.

Characteristics of tanks:

  • Each product is subject to detailed tests performed in a company test laboratory.
  • Resistance of chemical substances and mechanical strength of our products is confirmed by test laboratories accredited by the Technical Supervision Office.
  • For every tank a passport is issued including, among others, the following data: technical data, technical drawings, certificates, results of laboratory tests, a protocol of acceptance by UDT and KJ.
  • In order to facilitate design works, complete drawings of our products may be sent in *.dwg formats.
  • The company renders counselling and training services at a customer’s premises with respect to use of our products.