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Process tanks

Absorbers and adsorbers

Gas treatment is realized by use of contamination absorption processes. Depending on, whether a liquid (e.g. water) a solid (e.g. active carbon) is used for absorption of contamination, absorbers or adsorbers are used respectively for gas treatment.

Process tanksProcess tanks are composed of a vertical tank equipped with a grate with filling and a sprinkler system. Gas is conducted in such a way as to “be sprinkled” by a liquid from the sprinkler system that absorbs contamination and is carried away from the equipment.

An adsorber included any tank (of any shape) that is equipped with a grate filled with an adsorptive substance. Gas to be treated is conducted by the adsorber, which adsorbs contamination.

Due to aggressive operating conditions of absorbers and adsorbers, materials used for production of the same has to be characterized by good resistance to corrosion and abrasion by dusts carried by gases. We offer absorbers and adsorbers manufactured with the use of an excellent structural material, namely GRP referred to as polyester and glass laminate.

Shapes, measurements and connectors of absorbers and adsorbers are developed during individual designing that considers conditions prevailing in a facility.

Absorbers and adsorbers are equipped with a set of necessary nozzles and stub pipes, a manhole and transport handles as standard.

Additionally, we may equip absorbers and adsorbers with appropriate measurement and control devices and tooling.



Mixers are types of devices, in which one or more substrates are mixed. Mixers are most often used for homogenization of temperature, chemical composition of a solution or heat exchange. The following substances can be mixed:
liquid – solid,
liquid – liquid

Process tanksProcess tanks. A typical mixer is generally made of two elements: a tank made of acid resistant polyester and glass laminate (GRP) and an agitator made of acid resistant steel or PP.

Mixers most often use vertical cylindrical tanks. Owing to a wide range of vertical tanks manufactured by our company, these may include tanks with flat bottom, on an elongated jacket etc.

Special versions of mixers are manufactured with the use of horizontal or cuboidal tanks.

Mixers are equipped with vertical (low- and high-speed) agitators or side agitators. In order to increase mixing intensity, agitators can be installed unsymmetrically or with the use of wave breakers. As regards the shape of horizontal and cuboidal tanks, two or a greater number of agitators are used.

Mixers are equipped with a set of necessary stub pipes, a mixer connector, a manhole and transport handles as standard.

Additionally, mixers can be equipped with a minimum level gauge sensor (in order to prevent dry running), a ladder with service platform (also made of plastic), a level gauge etc.
We provide comprehensive services, including selection of a tank and agitator for current demands and ensure specialist transport and assembly of the equipment in a facility.


In neutralizers substances are neutralized through change of their pH. Neutralization is realized by mixing of two or more substrates. In order to increase efficiency of neutralization, the substrates may be additionally mixed mechanically. Both substances with acid or alkaline reaction can be subject to neutralization.

Process tanksA neutralizer is composed of a tank and control and measurements devices used for control of the process of neutralization. Parameters are measured on an ongoing basis with the use of appropriate pH and temperature sensors.

In connection with neutralization processes occurring in the neutralizer, the neutralizer has to be characterized by high chemical and thermal resistance. This task is fulfilled by polyester and glass laminate that is used by us for production of the neutralizers.

Tanks of any sizes or types can be used for production of neutralizers (underground, vertical and horizontal cylindrical and cuboidal).

Neutralizers are equipped with a set of necessary stub pipes, a manhole and transport handles as standard.

Additionally, neutralizers can be equipped with a level gauge, a ladder with service platform etc. In order to provide additional protection against corrosion, we can deliver plastic ladders and service platforms.

Our long-year experience in production of plastic equipment makes it possible for us to solve problems relating to neutralization and found in the industry.


Scrubbers are devices used for removal of solids or liquids that contaminated gas mixtures. A scrubber is composed of a filled column (tank), into which a gas is fed for the purposes of removal of contamination. Depending of a type, a scrubber can be additionally sprinkled with water.

Process tanksOperating conditions of a scrubber are very difficult and flowing gases are contaminated with solids that cause abrasive wear. The walls of a scrubber are exposed to aggressive gases and products obtained from a substance that fills a scrubber. Therefore, scrubbers have to be made of highest quality materials.

Scrubbers are made of polyester and glass laminate, which is characterised by very good abrasive and chemical resistance.

The structure, equipment and measurements are determined during the designing process.

Scrubbers equipped with a set of necessary stub pipes, a manhole and transport handles as standard.




Galvanic tubs

Galvanic tubs are used for galvanic and etching processes, passivation etc. used in galvanic industry sectors. Galvanic tubs can be delivered in two configurations: open and protected against heat loss.

Process tanksGalvanic tubs can have any measurements, depending on current demands of a facility. All galvanic tubs are reinforced mechanically by assembly of steel sections coated with a laminate layer. In case of tubs protected against heat loss, the tubs are additionally equipped with removable covers and/or thermal insulation (made of polyurethane foam with any thickness) on the entire external surface.

Galvanic tubs are manufactured as based on our wide experience and we can also convert steel tub designs into GRP tub designs. We also offer adjustment of sizes and connectors of tubs to a given facility.

Our company offers comprehensive services for investment projects, including, designing, production, transport and assembly of galvanic tubs at the place of installation.

Each tub is equipped with a stub pipe and transport handle.

In order to facilitate assembly of fixtures and fittings, galvanic tubs can be equipped with shelves for assembly of heaters, thermometers, mixing devices etc. We offer tubs (including their fixtures and fittings) made entirely of polyester and glass laminate.