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Cuboidal potable and technological water storage tanks

Our ZC type cuboidal tanks are suitable for use indoors and outdoors. They prove well especially in limited space areas. The structure of a tank and its equipment has been designed to consider individual demands of customers and meet specified technical requirements.

WATER series cuboidal tanks are intended for storage of:

  • firefighting water
  • storm water
  • potable water
  • industrial water.

Products manufactured by TROKOTEX include cuboidal tanks with any capacity. Measurements of such types of tanks (length, width and height) as well as quantity and distribution of manholes and stub pipes and nozzles are determined individually for a given customer, depending on intended use and operating conditions. Due to the fact that tanks of low height are characterized by optimum rigidity, it is recommended that tanks should not be designed with their height exceeding 2200 mm. If a tank with large capacity is required, we recommend designing wider and/or longer than higher tanks.

We can deliver tanks with their height exceeding 2200 mm at a special request. Such tanks are additionally reinforced with vertical walls in the form of stiffening ribs (internal and/or external) or internal partitions.

In case of difficult access to the place of assembly, the type of tank may be delivered in segments, and, then, assembled at the place of installation. This is the case of buildings with a small entrance door (gate) such as hotels, swimming pools or other modernized facilities.

All cuboidal tanks manufactured by Trokotex Polymer Group are made of glass-reinforced plastic and are subject to detailed tests in the Test Laboratory accredited by the Technical Supervision Office. Additionally, WATER series tanks have been attested by PZH [State Hygiene Authority] for contact with potable water. We use best quality resins and glass fibre for production, which has a lot of advantages such as:


  • resin does not contact with a medium such as water (the water is not contaminated),
  • the tanks are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance,
  • it is possible to manufacture large products in untypical shapes,
  • the tanks are characterised by low weight and high mechanical strength and resistance to UV,
  • costs of maintenance are limited to minimum.