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Equipment of potable and technological water storage tanks

All tanks are equipped with the following elements as standard:

  • a filler nozzle, stub pipe and vent nozzle

The nozzles and stub pipes are used for maintenance of fixed pressure in a tank during filling and emptying of the same. They constitute standard connections for pipelines or flange fixtures and fittings. The nozzles and stub pipes can be installed in any configuration on the equipment and as required by customers. The nozzles and stub pipes can also be delivered with additional elements such as sealing caps or thread connections. The nozzles and stub pipes are delivered in two variants – with a loose flange (as standard) and with a fixed flange.

  • a manhole

Manholes are installed in places indicated by an investor and as required and possible. Additionally, in order to guarantee tightness between manholes and the cover, we insert a special seal that is made of acid-resistant rubber. The seal retains its resistance and performs its function correctly for a long time.

  • transport handles

Apart from standard equipment, we recommend the following options for potable water storage tanks:
- PUR foam insulation (for tanks exposed to temperatures below zero; the insulation prevents water from freezing effectively)
- a heating system based on a heating duct with a power cabinet (recommended especially for extreme temperatures or as additional protection against freezing)
- liquid level gauges
- GRP/AR steel ladders (internal and external)
- service platforms (enabling maintenance and operation of the equipment).

Safety tubs – safety tubs constitute independent safe structures that are intended for collection of a medium from the tank in case of loss of tightness.


The capacity of a safety tub equals at least to the capacity of a tank placed in the tub, which results in complete protection against any contamination. The safety tub is equipped with a connection with 2” external thread, which can be connected to a drain valve. The safety tub is a self-bearing structure, which means that it can be installed on a sand bed without any foundations. The structure is light and easily portable with the use of transport handles.


There are special angles in the tub for determination of the place of installation of a tank.