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Horizontal potable and technological water storage tanks

WATER series horizontal tanks are suitable for storage of:

  • firefighting water
  • storm water
  • potable water
  • industrial water
  • formation water.

ZH type horizontal cylindrical tanks are delivered in two variants:
- with two integrated supports or
- with a single one continuous integrated support.

They are intended for use in horizontal position and prove well in all places, where, due to limited height, it is not possible to install a vertical tank. ZH ground horizontal retention tanks are also an additional source of water for firefighting purposes. They can also be used as reservoirs of water for rinsing of technological systems in water treatment plants.

As every tank is delivered as tailored, distribution and size of connections (basic stub pipes and nozzles, manholes, thread connections) can be agreed and will not affect the price of a finished tank. The tank operates as a non-pressurized tank.

WATER series products have also been designed with the aim to store underground water accompanying deposits of mineral raw materials such as natural gas. The unique concept of WATER series formation water storage tanks is a guarantee of safe operation and effective development of gas wells.

Our long experience in production of equipment operating with a medium such as industrial water has resulted in delivery of a tank in the following suggested configurations.

A vertical tank (ZH type classified by Trokotex) with the following equipment:


  • PUR foam insulation (for tanks exposed to temperatures below zero; the insulation prevents water from freezing effectively)
  • a heating system based on a heating duct with a power cabinet (recommended especially for extreme temperatures or as additional protection against freezing)
  • liquid level gauges
  • GRP/AR steel ladders (internal and external)
  • service platforms (enabling maintenance and operation of the equipment).

All tanks manufactured by Trokotex Polymer Group are subject to detailed tests in the Test Laboratory accredited by the Technical Supervision Office. Additionally, WATER series horizontal tanks have been attested by PZH [State Hygiene Authority] for contact with potable water. We use best quality resins and glass fibre for production, which has a lot of advantages such as:

  • resin does not contact with a medium such as water (the water is not contaminated),
  • the tanks are characterized by excellent corrosion resistance,
  • it is possible to manufacture large products in untypical shapes,
  • the tanks are characterised by low weight and high mechanical strength and resistance to UV,
  • costs of maintenance are limited to minimum.